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Daily Word Prompt: Burn

The fire that burns inside a patriot will never be quenched. Their loyalty to country and kin echoes long after their last breath. Liberty is seared into the heart of the person who fearlessly supports the foundations that this great and wondrous nation were founded on. The power the patriot holds inside is what will incinerate the enemy. The fire that flashes and flickers behind their eyes are the stories of pain and loss. Family, friends, and moments they have willingly relinquished to serve while we sit in front of our TV screens and over indulge on pizza. It is because of them we snicker at the thought of an invasion. Rolling our eyes when another speaks of an uprising or battle in our borders. Their sacrifices have allowed for our comfortable illusion of safety and security. Always prepared…..Always vigilant. They exist with one half of themselves focused on their day to day lives and the other half alert to the ever developing threat growing in our country and pushing in from the outside. Dear Patriot, I see you with your torch. Standing watch while we sleep so soundly. Thank you for your dedication. We know you by your flame. If a time arises when fancy words and politics are not enough to keep our country from tyranny  you only need to raise the flag and shoot a flare. The inferno will follow and we will be with you. God Bless America!



I am a master of controlled chaos....aka...daycare provider and homeschooling mom. Jesus follower and essential oil lover. I am slightly obsessed with self improvement and all things "natural". I am not afraid to disagree with someone and love a good debate without the hate. A lover of truth and writing and real relationships with "real" people. ❤💜❤💜

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