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I am>than what the scale says…Day3/30

Following the Whole 30 eating plan…

3 days in….well technically 2 and half but I have no doubt I will get through today. I hate even putting a 3/30 because I want this to be a total lifestyle change and am planning on going beyond that 30 day mark. So in my mind that 3/30 is only there as a way to book mark these entries.

I woke up feeling great. I already feel less bloated. I am not craving anything too bad. My willpower is always good in the beginning and  I chalk that up to my extreme stubbornness which I have also passed onto my first born. (yes hubs if you are reading this I admit it). This time it is the stubbornness I will tap into when I need it down the road.

The biggest challenge in my first 3 days?! That would be not pouring that french vanilla coffee creamer into my morning Joe.  I opted for coconut milk instead of going black. It is working but I realize I am not much of a coffee lover. More of  a caffeine and coffee creamer lover:/

I tend to get the afternoon and late evening munchies so I am going after apples (this week it is pink ladies to be exact) , pears, and I may have killed a whole cantaloupe yesterday. Hey it was delicious and healthy. I have been drinking water throughout the day. My big purple cup is 22 ounces and I am averaging 4-5 of those.

That’s it for this post. If you are starting or on a journey of health please comment and leave a link/pingback. I would love to follow you.




I am a wife, mom of 2 boys and an in home daycare provider. We spend our days laughing and learning. Some days are chaotic and messy but there is always lots of love......oh and it's very loud here and it's not always me:)

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