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I made it to day 30!

​Day 30 of the Whole 30! 12 pounds down and thank you to my BFF,who when I expressed some disappointment over that number made sure to tell me that is 4 pounds a week and an awesome amount to lose. This is why you need, at the very least, one of those uplifting, positive, and motivational people in your life. (I AM BLESSED WITH A Few).  This month is going to be tricky for me. If I give myself an inch I will most likely go 10 miles. Translation….

If I go for that slice of pizza I just may have 5 and then find myself driving to 4 Queens to devour a peanut butter cup snowstorm to then cry myself to sleep with the guilt of going way beyond a little cheat. While a normal person can have a few bites of a dessert and be OK with that….. this girl just can’t.
This past month I have learned to be intentional and aware of what I eat. Eating to live not living to eat as the saying goes. I have had zero heartburn or indigestion and only minimal stomach trouble in the beginning as my body got used to all the veggies and fruit. (Think flushing your system) Come to think of it I haven’t had a headache in at least 3 weeks and am sleeping through the night like a baby. I do not have that, what I thought was normal, bloated belly feeling and clothes are fitting looser. There is also a definite increase in energy.
 I have some things coming in August….like a  vacation! My plan is to stick with this way of eating but give myself a little freedom…..just not too much. I am also adding in daily exercise. September the Whole 30 group is starting another round and I am in. I really believe that the first round is just the beginning and gives you the tools and success to change your eating habits for good! For someone who has lost all control over their food intake (like me prior to this commitment) this is really incredible. Once you get over those first few “withdrawal” days the craving for sugar and bad carbs fade and disappear altogether.  Maybe I was just determined this time….IDK. Pop on over to the website and check it out. Then join the Facebook group and go for it. I will update mid August. 



I am a master of controlled chaos....aka...daycare provider and homeschooling mom. Jesus follower and essential oil lover. I am slightly obsessed with self improvement and all things "natural". I am not afraid to disagree with someone and love a good debate without the hate. A lover of truth and writing and real relationships with "real" people. ❤💜❤💜

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