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Chapter 1- I’m just as stubborn as you and I’m not giving up!

I am 100% sure that by the time Noah is graduated I will be able to write a book on homeschooling your stubborn, argumentative, strong willed, and wonderful child! The good days are so good and the bad days are so bad but some days start good and end bad and vice versa. If anything this is teaching me extreme patience and how to let up on needing to be in control of every aspect of our school time. Here is some encouragement to you homeschool mommas…….don’t give up on that stubborn, strong willed child!!! God called you to this and He will see you through. Take a step back and look at how far you have come with your child and how much he/she has learned. What I have learned in our 2nd grade year this far………

1. I can not change anything that I may or may not have done wrong up to this point so quit thinking about it, dwelling on it, worrying or letting anyone else put those doubts in your mind. One day at a time, one subject at a time, and just keep.moving forward. The public school system has failed many children…..there is no way you are doing that badly. (That was supposed to be funny:)

2. Before I start our “school time” or what I like to call it now “learning time” I make sure he (my strong willed, stubborn, hates changes to schedules and will vent about such changes for a fair amount of time….child:) has done those few things he likes to do in the morning. This usually means eating something, listening to his favorite song, maybe even giving him a set amount of time to play in his room. However I have stuck to my guns that there is no “TV time” or “gaming” until all learning is done for the day. has been a tremendous help this year. He can see what subjects have to be done for the day and can navigate the website easily.

3. This is OUR year! Emphasis on OUR because it’s nobody else’s! That’s right! I will not freak out because my 2 year old daycare child knows her alphabet better than my preschooler. I will not feel defeated because other 2nd graders are reading on a higher level than mine and in turn I will not make him feel defeated! We have all the tools we need to be successful and it’s OK if the way we do it doesn’t look like anyone elses.

4. If this was the easiest way to parent and educate your children then everyone would be doing it! That’s right…remember that mom or dad when your independent, smart, and a bit conniving child is in the throes of a major fit because he hates reading (poems, a certains story about a puppy, song lyrics, Bible verse) whatever he is supposed to be reading that day. The smarter the strong willed child the more ways they will use to make you feel like this will never work when in fact their main goal is to get you to give up for the day so they can go back to playing! No they wouldn’t do this with a teacher in a school setting…….WHY?…..the same reason they act better for others than they do for you. They are kids and they know what they can get away with and with whom. Don’t let them get in your head. A simple….”this is what we have to do today and when you are ready to do this and do it with the right attitude you let me know.”……has worked well for me this year. I step away from the area we are learning at and let him call me back when he is ready. I am steady seeing less of these moments this year and when we do have them they are short lived.

4. It will not be like Mary Poppins and I don’t not recommend a spoon full of sugar! Don’t belive the hype……or all those blogs you read that don’t speak of the negatives or hard times of homeschooling. You WILL have moments when you want to curl up in the fetal position and hide under the table and there will be moments when you feel like the best teacher in the world AND there will be moments when your child grasps a concept and you both celebrate. None of these moments would be experienced the way they are if your child was in “school”.  Search out those blogs or groups with “real” people that aren’t afraid to share all the moments….not just the glossy, pretty ones.

5.I no longer feel like a failure if we skip a day or don’t finish. Another reason I love! I am one who loves to make a strict schedule and then beat myself up when I don’t follow it. This curriculum has Day 1-Day (whatever the end day is:). In the past I have written out Monday – Friday schedule and then when the inevitable happens I have to reschedule. The beauty of homeschooling is that it doesn’t matter!!! It really doesn’t…..catch up on the weekends……..keep a list of things you skipped over and incorporate them into your summer learning….or in our case we skipped over a couple of chapters in our pilgrim story so we are watching Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Guess what? It is telling the exact same story but he is much more attentive to this than if I am reading it to him.

So in short I just want to say you are doing great and don’t give up! That strong willed child inherited that stubbornness from somewhere…..right?!?! Dig your heels in momma(or daddy) and don’t give up!!! The holidays are right around the corner so plan a little break in your learning or let them pick some topics to learn about over Thanksgiving and  Christmas break. Bake cookies and pumpkin pie and let them lick the bowl!!



I am a master of controlled chaos....aka...daycare provider and homeschooling mom. Jesus follower and essential oil lover. I am slightly obsessed with self improvement and all things "natural". I am not afraid to disagree with someone and love a good debate without the hate. A lover of truth and writing and real relationships with "real" people. ❤💜❤💜

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