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Tuesday Triumph

Passion is what drives me. I love Jesus. Knowing He loved me first and He is the only reason I am here. I love my family and want to make them proud. I want to provide for them. They make me want to be better…..every single day. My other interests come from a place of wanting to take more control of my health… learn natural ways of dealing with life’s little hiccups. To be able to share this with people so that they too can benefit and help those around them. 

It is never too late to learn better ways of taking care of the people you love. It’s never too late to change bad habits. Today is the day to look at the way you have been “treating” yourself and what you have been treating yourself with and say, “YOU KNOW WHAT!?! MAYBE THERE IS ANOTHER WAY! A BETTER WAY! A MORE HEALTHY WAY!” I use the phrase “baby steps” quite often because it takes time  to change 30+ years of bad habits. For every unhealthy thing you stop putting in your body, on your body, or in your mind you are taking the right steps and  being an example for those around you. Especially those little eyes that are always, always watching you. How will they know to do any different if we don’t show them? 

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I made it to day 30!

​Day 30 of the Whole 30! 12 pounds down and thank you to my BFF,who when I expressed some disappointment over that number made sure to tell me that is 4 pounds a week and an awesome amount to lose. This is why you need, at the very least, one of those uplifting, positive, and motivational people in your life. (I AM BLESSED WITH A Few).  This month is going to be tricky for me. If I give myself an inch I will most likely go 10 miles. Translation….

If I go for that slice of pizza I just may have 5 and then find myself driving to 4 Queens to devour a peanut butter cup snowstorm to then cry myself to sleep with the guilt of going way beyond a little cheat. While a normal person can have a few bites of a dessert and be OK with that….. this girl just can’t.
This past month I have learned to be intentional and aware of what I eat. Eating to live not living to eat as the saying goes. I have had zero heartburn or indigestion and only minimal stomach trouble in the beginning as my body got used to all the veggies and fruit. (Think flushing your system) Come to think of it I haven’t had a headache in at least 3 weeks and am sleeping through the night like a baby. I do not have that, what I thought was normal, bloated belly feeling and clothes are fitting looser. There is also a definite increase in energy.
 I have some things coming in August….like a  vacation! My plan is to stick with this way of eating but give myself a little freedom…..just not too much. I am also adding in daily exercise. September the Whole 30 group is starting another round and I am in. I really believe that the first round is just the beginning and gives you the tools and success to change your eating habits for good! For someone who has lost all control over their food intake (like me prior to this commitment) this is really incredible. Once you get over those first few “withdrawal” days the craving for sugar and bad carbs fade and disappear altogether.  Maybe I was just determined this time….IDK. Pop on over to the website and check it out. Then join the Facebook group and go for it. I will update mid August. 

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Day 25 of my Whole 30!

Fruit & Vegetable Platter

I’m in my last week of my 30 day commitment to go without any sugar, grains, dairy, and junk of any kind. I have drank only water and of course my morning coffee with almond milk.  I have been checking labels like a crazy woman. They sneak sugar into everything and if it isn’t sugar it’s some other form of man made junk! Ok this isn’t a lecture on additives and preservatives. Today I have hit the point of “not hungry”. WHAT?! Me?! I love to eat and I love food! One of my worst habits before doing this was not being able to read my “full” radar anymore(or maybe I just didn’t care). Years and years of indulging and I just would eat until I was uncomfortable. Especially if it was something sweet or fried or dripping in cheese. Today I find myself eating a banana for breakfast. A couple pieces of compliant beef jerky in between, a few bites of the omelet I made myself for lunch (I just wasn’t hungry!), and an apple. A short time ago I would eat a couple of helpings of whatever I served the kids for lunch and if it was something really good (pizza, tacos, sloppy joes) I would clean it up. This is an awesome feeling for sure. Could it be that food has lost it’s control over me?

Some of the biggest results so far besides weight loss are that my mood seems much more balanced. Not that I don’t get stressed or frustrated during the day but I do feel like I am more able to control my mood or brush off things that would normally irritate me. I have NO doubt that this has to do with not having those sugar spikes and then come downs from before Whole 30. I feel less foggy and have felt that way since the first week. I am sleeping better. Zero heartburn, indigestion, and I’m not bloated feeling all the time. In the first few weeks I was waking up to use the restroom twice (all the water and flushing) but that has since stopped. I can’t wait to weigh myself next week!

I have mixed emotions when I think about day 31. I’m a bit freaked out to be outside of the strict limits of the whole 30 way of eating. Of course nothing says I have to stop. However I do know me and just like any addiction I feel like one doughnut, 1 slice of pizza, 1 Big Mac and fries and I will go right back to bad habits. These next few days I will be reading up on the whole 30 website for support and guidance on how to tackle this next phase. If you would like to know anymore about Whole 30 here is the link…. .

I guess now is a good time to revisit my first 2 posts to jog my memory on why I made this commitment and why I should keep going beyond day 30!


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Day 10 on Whole 30

I have passed the mark of my last Whole 30. Day 9 when I somehow said to myself, “this is too hard and I’m not worth it!”  Obviously I didn’t say that but when we quit on ourselves isn’t that  exactly what we are saying. So here I am on day 10. One third of the way through this challenge. For a sugar addicted, carb loving, will eat anything fried type of girl this is HUGE. I feel empowered and I can’t wait to hit that halfway mark when the “boundless energy” phase takes over. I do feel less “dragged down” in the afternoons. This is not easy though people. Let me tell you. I have had pizza ate in front of me…. Ice cream, chocolate, and I even made a dessert (pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting) for a party and I didn’t even lick the spoon! Nope not even a finger swipe of the frosting. I made a commitment of 30 days without any sugar, no bread, no dairy, no artificial anything and I want to experience the benefits. The top 5 reasons I believe this time is different and why I know I can and will succeed.

1. Praying through the bad moments. God knows I am weak when it comes to food (not my only weakness I assure you) and there is just NO way I can do this without leaning fully on Him. He knows me better than I know myself.

2. Taking it 1 day at a time. I have never been through a 12 step program but I have heard this before. I focus on getting through this day without giving in to the temptations that surround me.

3. Connecting. I have joined a couple of social media groups. Knowing there are other people out there doing the same thing you are and connecting with them is huge. I had a dear friend also reach out to me as she has successfully completed a whole 30 and is starting another round. This has made a huge difference as we have exchanged messages and are supporting each other. (Thanks for messaging me Girl;)

4. Preparation.  This is more mental for me cause I am horrible at meal planning. I like to wing it. This can be a recipe for disaster! For instance I’m running low on veggies and protein but am planning a grocery run tonight. I know exactly what my choices are today so no reason to use the “there is nothing for me to eat” excuse.

5. I can feel the changes beginning but if I want to see changes in the mirror and on that evil scale then I have to press on. No giving up….no giving in….no excuses. I am >than what the scales says!!

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I am>than what the scale says…Day3/30

Following the Whole 30 eating plan…

3 days in….well technically 2 and half but I have no doubt I will get through today. I hate even putting a 3/30 because I want this to be a total lifestyle change and am planning on going beyond that 30 day mark. So in my mind that 3/30 is only there as a way to book mark these entries.

I woke up feeling great. I already feel less bloated. I am not craving anything too bad. My willpower is always good in the beginning and  I chalk that up to my extreme stubbornness which I have also passed onto my first born. (yes hubs if you are reading this I admit it). This time it is the stubbornness I will tap into when I need it down the road.

The biggest challenge in my first 3 days?! That would be not pouring that french vanilla coffee creamer into my morning Joe.  I opted for coconut milk instead of going black. It is working but I realize I am not much of a coffee lover. More of  a caffeine and coffee creamer lover:/

I tend to get the afternoon and late evening munchies so I am going after apples (this week it is pink ladies to be exact) , pears, and I may have killed a whole cantaloupe yesterday. Hey it was delicious and healthy. I have been drinking water throughout the day. My big purple cup is 22 ounces and I am averaging 4-5 of those.

That’s it for this post. If you are starting or on a journey of health please comment and leave a link/pingback. I would love to follow you.


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I am>than what the scale says…

Following the Whole 30 eating plan…..

It’s actually much easier to say what can be eaten than what can’t. Lean cuts of
beef, fish, chicken, veggies (there are exceptions) and fruit. You can search Whole 30 to get the specifics.
Let me just say that I have been here before….only once on this specific plan but many other times on many other diets, fads, supposed life changing workout routines, and I have thrown my (and my families) hard earned money in the garbage chasing after that magic trick, pill, drink, DVD, or other amazing secret thing that was going to give me my dream body and make that number on the scale go down. All of them leaving me only a few pounds lighter (or none at all), feeling guilty and worthless. I think of myself as a happy and positive person. I just have very bad eating habits which I have acquired and fine tuned throughout my life. In my late thirties and with two energetic boys I don’t want to feel tired all the time. I am fed up with being overweight and bogged down by fat. I am done with knowing the unhealthy things I am doing but only talking about what I could and should do to change. I am seeing my own children becoming addicted to sugar and beginning those same habits. There is type 1 diabetes in my family, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer, etc. In the last few years I have experienced migraines, shortness of breath, sleep disruption, stomach issues, frequent viruses, etc.

I have been here, once before, at the beginning of this 30 days. I made it 9.(yes I realize that isn’t even half way) I was feeling wonderful….really I remember the feeling of energy and alertness. I was more focused on my day to day than I have ever been. I was 8 pounds lighter (even though I was not suppose to weigh….I had to….what can I say I am a rebel). So what happened?! I happened! I had a late night and slipped up in the morning and it snowballed by the end of the day I was inhaling everything I gave up the 8 previous days and then I was mad at myself. So to get past those times that I want to give in I have decided to journal my experience. What better place to do it than my blesseddaily blog. What a better time than right now to tackle this issue in my life. I am not posting my weight because we are all so much more than that number. I will share pounds lost but most important I will share the changes in my health and life. The only $$ I am spending on this is towards food. I have listed my reasons for wanting to do this and will come back to this list when I want to give up, which I know will happen because I know me!
1. Health
2. To be the example in this house especially to the boys.
3. Because Philippians 4:13!
4. To feel better about myself.
5. For the love of clothes and all things girly.
6. To look and feel younger. (not that I am old:)
7. More stamina and endurance in everything I do and to begin exercising again.
8. I could say not for others or for attention but Hey! everyone loves to feel
attractive and I would love to hear someone say that they can tell I have been
doing something good for my health and to keep it up. So YES for positive
attention and feedback when it comes to how I look.
9. 1 Corinthians 6:19
10. To prove to my children that if you are determined to do something and you
work hard and stick with it you can accomplish anything!

Start date July 4, 2016

I will be updating soon…..